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S2561FX PCM TTL digital analog switching matrix system S2561F TTL PCM digital analog switching matrix system

Option X

Our "Option X" brings enhanced display features on a beautiful 10.1" touchscreen. With a screen size nearly 2.5 times the size of our standard 4.3" display, it boasts a number of features and capabilities that are just not practical on the smaller screens.

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Our 10.1" Display with X-Point View and More

S2561F hot swap power supply matrix system

Detailed Description

Though our systems are primarily designed to be remotely controlled, many clients heavily utilize the front panel controls. For nearly 23 years we provided a reliable and functional front panel design utilizing a quality vacuum florescent display coupled with a custom LED illuminated keypad.

Fast forward to January 2015. A few years in the planning and implementation, we introduce a well engineered new touchscreen platform to replace the VF and keypad across our entire product line. Just a year later, we introduced our beautiful 10.1" display. It's an option on many units and a standard feature on many larger models.

Calling it the "Option X", its intuitive design and dynamic menu features give you instant command and confident monitoring, even on our largest of switching configurations.

With the larger display comes capabilities that are just not practical on our smaller 4.3" display. Besides the capability of alias naming, realtime clock, event scheduling, and X-point classing, the larger display also provides a visual view of all system connections in various detailed viewing screens.

Does everyone need it? No. Does everyone want it? Almost certainly. We give you choices. 

Option X Product Demonstration (video)


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Control Software & Drivers

Plug-in C3 Control CPU Information

RouteWarePRO Control GUI


Standard 4.3" Menu System (video)



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