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RWP 5.0

RouteWarePRO 5.0 is our robust control and monitor software package delivering an amazingly flexible out-of-the-box solution for Universal Switching Corporation products.

RWP5 provides a cost effective and flexible software solution with customizable screens while automating your USC system right out of the box. The new version contains major new features and improvements that have been driven by both client feature requests and planned USC hardware/software improvements and innovations. It is completely updated for W10, WIN8.1, WIN8 and WIN7.

Free 30-Day Trial

Simply download and install the software for a fully functional software evaluation FREE for 30 days.

If you want to keep operating the software installation, you may purchase the license to continue operating the software and qualify for future for updates. Contact our sales department for license activation or product quotation. Single and 5-pack licenses are available. Credit cards accepted.

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Version 4.0: Need previous version? Download here.

Update Note: For earlier Version 4.x users, simply download and install the new version while reading and following the installation instructions. Installation instructions are also in the manual.

routeware pro windows update control
routeware pro windows update control

Control & Monitor Software

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What is RouteWarePRO?

Our product called RouteWarePRO is a self-contained GUI software package designed specifically to control and monitor any Universal Switching Corporation products. Designed to use out of the box (or easily customized on the fly), you can install the RWP5 software and start controlling your USC switching assets remotely within minutes.

You can control one "switch box" or 100's by simply selecting the asset to be controlled. GUI colors, channel labeling and configuration uploads are all user definable. The software is also available with USB type of hardware "license key". Contact the factory.

RouteWarePRO 5 Quick Start Tutorial Video

Plug-in C3 Control CPU Information

RouteWarePRO 5.0

  • Re-engineered Metro look and feel for elegant flow and improved functionality
  • Improved X-Point grid features including touchscreen friendly grid size
  • Subset assignments and view to simplify navigation of large matrices
  • Lockout/Summary view for status-only display
  • Fully updated for Windows 10/8.1/8/7 compatibility
  • Class assignment and editor for creating connection restrictions
  • Direct support for C3 generation CPU functions
  • Class assignment and management
  • Names/Labels (Port, Memory Location, and Class)
  • Event Scheduler & Device Log
  • Time stamped memory locations & Device Log
  • Signal activity status indicators (on supported hardware)
  • Tri-Stage diagnostics (exemption table and active scan support)
  • Built-in real-time interactive crosspoint connectivity windows
  • Sophisticated "auto-discovery" of network attached USC hardware devices simplifies initial application setup
  • Multiple output (or input) selection for streamlined signal fan-out (or fan-in)
  • Sort inputs and outputs by I/O number or by user channel/port alias names
  • Overhauled Settings tab with expanded user controls such as defining matrix type
  • Fully scalable user windows for easy viewing of larger configurations
  • ”On the fly" input and output naming (channel or part names) within RWP5, or sync from hardware
  • New integrated screen color picker to customize "panels" for desired effects
  • Multiple user OS support (users can share the same settings and I/O names, or settings specific to their login)
  • Improved status with more indicators, plain English responses and handy tool hints
  • Multiple instance support to operate multiple devices or device "panels" simultaneously
  • Interlock control to prevent accidental user disconnects
  • System diagnostic report generation for streamlining support of connected USC devices
  • Global Leader in Signal Technology

    Universal Switching Corporation is an internationally recognized leader in the signal routing industry that manufactures leading-edge switching and distribution equipment.
    Since 1992, the USC commitment to Continuous Process Improvement and cutting-edge technology has combined to provide a unique blend of low cost yet high quality products. With a corporate culture that includes a modern facility, talented personnel, a comprehensive Quality Management System and ISO 9001:2008 certification, USC provides a standard 2-Year warranty for all equipment and offers an optional extended 5-Year warranty.

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    Industry Accreditations

    • LXI Consortium World Teleport Assiciation NQA ANAB National Assiciation of Broadcasters