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S2561FX PCM TTL digital analog switching matrix system G2T400 mainframe unit AP adapter panel for S2561F RGB


Addressing many switching and distribution requirements, our product line serves best-in-class applications, services and companies.

A broad product line of switching systems, switching modules (including VXI and VME), and distribution units span a frequency range from DC to 40GHz. Signal types include AC/DC power switching, audio, ATE instrumentation, composite video, SD & HD, HF, RF and IF signals, high resolution RGB+HV video, high speed ‘422, LVDS, PECL or ECL digital data, cellular telephone, L-Band, C-Band plus other >3GHz signals to 40GHz.

Whether you need a module or completely custom system.....we build what you need.

Product Types

Switching Systems (Routers)

Take a look at our various types of switching systems from full 8RU modular matrix units to simple redundancy switching. Digital, analog or both.

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Redundancy Switching Products

Critical applications require redundancy. We offer many different types of redundancy products with some unique cost-saving features.

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Distribution Products

Digital or analog, we offer many different types of signal distribution products.

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Matrix Systems Corporation Products (M-Line)

Universal Switching Corporation acquired Matrix Systems Corporation in April of 2007. USC continues to manufacture some MSC products including the rugged Series 70000 coaxial relay products.

70000 & RS70000 Operating Manual

Components, VXI and VME

Need to embed a switch into another package? We offer relay modules, and VXI or VME modules.

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Software & Drivers

Take control of your signal switching needs with our control software package, or download our National Instruments IVI driver.

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Global Leader in Signal Technology

Universal Switching Corporation is an internationally recognized leader in the signal routing industry that manufactures leading-edge switching and distribution equipment.
Since 1992, the USC commitment to Continuous Process Improvement and cutting-edge technology has combined to provide a unique blend of low cost yet high quality products. With a corporate culture that includes a modern facility, talented personnel, a comprehensive Quality Management System and ISO 9001:2008 certification, USC provides a standard 2-Year warranty for all equipment and offers an optional extended 5-Year warranty.

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Industry Accreditations

  • LXI Consortium World Teleport Assiciation NQA ANAB National Assiciation of Broadcasters