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Precision Low Frequency (DC-200kHz) 64x64 Matrix
Designed Instrumentation & Sensor Applications


BURBANK, CA, USA - March 09, 2018 - Universal Switching Corporation (, the leading global manufacturer of signal switching and distribution products, announced today their new low frequency System TS202A Instrumentation Matrix (32x32). It's designed specifically to automate connectivity of patching signals under test to various test equipment, recorders and evaluation instrumentation.

Designed from scratch to improve on the legacy Precision Filters Model 4164, the TS202A uses the absolute latest in component technology but provides better performance, enhanced features, higher reliability, newer "Made In USA" technology, and yet is competitively priced. Many engineers still use manual patch cords & patch panels to interconnect sensors, recorders, scopes and other instrumentation in test & evaluation labs. Our TS202A can automate much of your lab connectivity while eliminating errors from human patching as well as mechanical connectivity problems from continuous patch cord activity.

The TS202A provides up to 64 inputs, and 64 outputs in a non-blocking full Fan-OUT array. It includes built-in self-tests that non-invasively verifies validity of closed crosspoints (Go/No-Go), and can also perform testing on the complete array (FAT). Each input is a differential pair to help eliminate low frequency sensor noise, and each output is single-ended. Each negative input (of the input pair) can individually be switched to signal ground for application dependent needs. A DIP switch provides this function for each input depending upon your specific signal requirements. The TS202A includes front panel touchscreen and single controller providing 10/100 Ethernet with web browser, USB port, and multi-serial. Self-monitoring redundant hot-swap power supplies can be powered by any international AC power source. Optional 1RU rack-mount isolated BNC panels are available. Customized configurations are available by contacting the factory.




About Universal Switching Corporation (USC)
Universal Switching Corporation (USC) is a privately held corporation in the city of Burbank located in southern California. The company manufactures best-in-class programmable signal switching and distribution products for rugged and industrial applications, government subcontractors, and for industrial or commercial customers in the US and abroad. USC signal switching and distribution products are sold internationally for use in the defense community, communication, telemetry, ATE and broadcast industries. All products are manufactured in Burbank CA and are supported by their ISO-9001-2008 Quality Management System. Since 1992, they have continued to introduce innovative cutting-edge products supported by both domestic and international sales offices.

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